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  • ME 3011 - Thermodynamics

  • Me 3121 - Intermediate Thermal-Fluids Engineering 

  • ME 4150 - Heat Transfer

  • ME 4271 - Thermal Systems Design (Course Coordinator)

  • ME 5620 - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • ME 5320 - Convective Heat Transfer

  • ME 5990 - Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Storage

3D Volume of Fluid (VOF) simulation, ME 5620 - Computational Fluid Dynamics (simulation performed by Tihamer Engel)


Virus/Bacteria Tracing in Air Conditioning Flow of a Dental Clinic (simulation performed by Christopher Salerno)

Learning Module on 3D Flow Simulation - Demonstrating practical applications of technology in education for a modern and efficient learning experience.

Von Karman vortex street simulation, ME 5620 - Computational Fluid Dynamics (simulation performed by Aaron Chan)

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Embracing the future of education: showcasing a seamless integration of technology in teaching, with a focus on sustainability and innovation. ME 4150 (Heat Transfer)

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ME 3121 Intermediate Thermal-Fluids Engineering 

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