Available Positions

Senior design projects / Capstone projects

Research-based senior projects in the area of Renewable Energy Systems, Sustainable Water Treatment, and Computational Fluid Dynamics are periodically available. Students are highly encouraged to read this page carefully before communicating about the possibilities.  

1. My research is a continuous work in progress. Senior design groups join the research teams for the duration of their project. You may be trained/informed by the previous senior project group before taking the lead of the project. Towards the end of your work, new members (future senior design group) will join you and continue your work.

2. The expected deliverable of research-based senior projects is at least one of the followings:

- Draft of a Conference Paper (e.g., ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress)

- Draft of a Journal Paper

- Draft of a Provisional Patent 

3. Senior project teams will be asked to present their work in different local or national events.

4. Due to their nature, research-based senior projects usually take about 12-15 months to finish. This duration may be shorter or longer depending on the progress and project requirements. I do not accept students for "short and easy" senior projects.

5. All senior project members are expected to allocate an average of 10 hours/week on their project. If you are very busy already or have a full-time job, research-based senior projects may not be the best option for you.

6. Research requires patience, persistence, and self-motivation. Make sure these words describe your character before joining any research project.

7. If you agree with the foregoing conditions and are interested to join any of the following projects, please send me a brief resume and your unofficial transcripts with your most recent GPA. 


Available Senior Projects 

Master Thesis/Projects or Postdoctoral Researchers

If you are interested to do a MS thesis or project with me or if you are interested to visit Cal Poly Pomona as a visiting scholar or postdoctoral researcher, please send me your CV, your unofficial transcripts, and a brief statement of interests and qualifications.

1- Decentralized Renewable Off-grid Wastewater Treatment (DROWT).


The project aims to develop a solar-driven graywater treatment unit that does not have any carbon footprint. The project is supported by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Southern California Gas Company.


To get familiar with the project, please look at project website: www.drowt.org and read our recent conference paper

2- Ultra-Low-cost Thermal Energy Storage using Wastewater

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is an important component of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants and Compressed Air Energy Storage systems. The cost of TES plays a major role in reducing the cost of power generated by solar-thermal power plants. Department of Energy has a challenging goal of reducing the cost of TES below $15/kWh. In this project, a new and novel material is being tested for TES. The proposed material is derived from wastewater and has extremely low cost. A combination of experimental and computational efforts are needed to proof the concept and test the viability of using the proposed material for TES. The project is supported by Bureau of Reclamation.


In order to get familiar with this effort, please read about the following key words: Low-cost Thermal Energy Storage, Reverse Osmosis Brine Disposal. 

3- Waste Heat Recovery using Air-Gap Membrane Distillation  


Membrane Distillation is a thermally-driven water purification technique that does not require significant power consumption. Unlike pressure-driven water treatment systems (e.g., Reverse Osmosis), membrane distillation uses evaporation and condensation through a membrane. The appealing benefit of this technology is that the waste heat of different sources can be employed to run a membrane distillation system and generate drinking water. In this project, an air-gap membrane distillation test bed is developed and is implemented with a waste heat source to proof the concept and show the effect of different parameters on the performance of the system. The project is partially supported by Sterlitech Corp.


In order to get familiar with the project, please read the recent presentation of the team and an older senior project report 

4- Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Projects


At any given time, I usually have a few computational projects and I need assistant from students to continue the work. These projects may be related to the ongoing  research efforts described above or they may be independent computational studies. The requirement for this type of projects is familiarity with ANSYS/FLUENT; however, If you are not familiar with the software, I can advise you to gain the required skills if you start early enough. 

To Learn more about the computational projects, please read the following sample papers, co-authored by students:

Design of a Modular Solid-Based Thermal Energy Storage for a Hybrid Compressed Air Energy Storage System

Assessment of Natural Convection Heat Transfer in Isochoric Thermal Energy Storage Systems 

Heat Transfer Effectiveness in Cylindrical Thermal Energy Storage Elements with Internal Heat Source

5- New Research Projects ! 

I am always open to new research topics that you would like to pursue. If you have an idea for a research-oriented project in the area of thermal-fluid science, energy, and water, feel free to prepare a brief proposal (~5 slides) and schedule an appointment to discuss your idea.


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