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Available Positions

Research-based Master's Degree Project/Thesis and Bachelor's Degree Senior Projects in the area of Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Storage, Sustainable Water Treatment, and Computational Fluid Dynamics are available. 



Students are highly encouraged to read this page carefully before communicating about the possibilities.  

1. My research is a continuous work in progress. Senior design groups and MS students join the research teams for the duration of their project. You may be trained/informed by the previous group before taking the lead of the project. Towards the end of your work, new members will join you and continue your work.

2. The expected deliverable of research-based projects is at least one of the followings:

- Draft of a Conference Paper (e.g., ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress)

- Draft of a Journal Paper

- Draft of a Provisional Patent 

3. Students will be asked to present their work in different local or national events.

4. Due to their nature, research-based projects usually take about 12-15 months to finish. This duration may be shorter or longer depending on the progress and project requirements. I do not accept students for "short and easy" projects.

5. All project members are expected to allocate an average of 10 hours/week on their project. If you are very busy already or have a full-time job, research-based projects may not be the best option for you.

6. Research requires patience, persistence, and self-motivation. Make sure these words describe your character before joining any research project.

7. If you agree with the foregoing conditions and are interested to join any of my research projects, please send me a brief resume and your unofficial transcripts with your most recent GPA. 


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